Shepherd Moments

We hear them talking at nearby tables in restaurants, on cell phones, everywhere—people seeking advice from someone, anyone, to help them cope with their struggles. And sometimes we are them. Media offers a myriad of answers, but for many of us, these answers often leave us feeling empty with a little red flag raised in our hearts.

When David exclaimed in Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want,” he wasn’t kidding! He found Someone to guide him through life. Several years ago, during my devotional time, I started to receive from the Lord visual impressions of the Shepherd guiding His sheep through challenging situations. With the visions in italic, the following sheep chronicles tell of these adventures.

May they remind us that we have a Shepherd to guide us through life. He knows the way, He can be trusted, and all we have to do is follow.

The Sounds of Deliverance

Life offers moments of celebration, periods of peace and well-being, and presents the occasional storm. We are well-adjusted to the peaceful, happy moments, but it’s the storms, whether short-lived or long and nagging, that challenge us. Nothing brings greater hope in those moments than the approach of relief, the hope of better days. ~~~~~ A…

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The Unexpected

The year 2020 was the year no one expected. Outside of a few prophetic voices from both the secular and the religious communities, no one saw the crisis coming until it was upon us. At this writing, the virus is still active and taking lives in our world. History has recorded similar events, but this…

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